9moons presents Bloodborn Invitational

After the new expansion hits, how will you know what to play? The team over at 9moons.gg has you covered! We will be holding an invitational with 8 of the best and most well known players in Duelyst! Watch as they battle it out over the $500 prizepool. We will conduct post tournament interviews and all decklists will be available on the website 9moons.gg after the matches.

It will be on 6th of January 11pm GMT casted by LeTigress and RGood. The players are 9moons own Sibon, Nowayitsj and myself humans; the popular streamers Zoochz and Grincherz; Grandmasters Zayne and Kolosthedragon; and the up and comer SSDRWH0.