An Interview With Ferocca! (Duelyst’s First World Champion)

Hey everyone, Alexicon1 here with an interview with Duelyst’s first World Champion, Ferocca! Before we start, here’s a little bit of information about our new Champion.

About Ferocca
I am 23 years old, from the Netherlands, I’ve always lived in small towns but studied in Amsterdam. I had a strange education in art which basically turned me into a trader. nothing fancy though. It’s hard to explain, the art world is absurd, but basically, I make money with trading and art without making art. My hobbies involve gaming (of course), reading and writing in my native language
Alexicon1: So after two days of phenomenal competition, you’ve just taken out the competition and are now the first Duelyst World Champion, can you give any insight on how you feel right now?
Ferocca: I feel absurd. I didn’t see myself winning at all. Choosing Mech decks for the Top 8 was a total gamble, a decision which was made 30 minutes before the deck submission deadline and now I am World Champion, so it feels insane.


A: Following on from that, what made you want to play Mechs on the world stage, in front of hundreds of viewers?
F: Well, I didn’t want to do that from an honour perspective, but I just realized that there are no real answer to Mech, besides hardcore tech cards like Crossbones. This is especially true if you have movement cards like Hearthsister, then dispel doesn’t matter.

I thought it was a good meta call and I felt like it was a good idea to bring something that is out of control of everyone. Mech is uninteractive and since Alpha the most uninteractive decks were the best in Duelyst. Playing the Mech style was a purely competitive choice and to make a point on luck-based decks being viable.

A: You’ve played quite a few games this weekend, so out of all your matchups this past weekend, what would you say was the hardest opponent for you to face?
F: Dragall definitely. We had to play 4 times against each other and he won twice. The order in which our series ended, decided the World Championships which is also why I feel so absurd about it. He also won more total games, regardless of series, going 10-9 in top 8 and 3-1 in the group stage against me, so there’s no way I can’t name him as the hardest opponent.

A: So, about Dragall, it was previously mentioned that you had criticised his Reva deck, what about it made you feel it was a suboptimal deck.
F:  I am surprised, but people should remember I hadn’t played in a single tournament yet when I was cynical and critical about Dragallhai. Songhai still had great aggro tools when he created it, and I loved all of that, but I found the rest of the mostly-neutral deck to be plain ugly. I wanted to see flashy aggressive combos in Songhai not Dioltas and Bonereaper, so it was definitely a taste thing, it wasn’t suboptimal because it definitely works.

So Dragall’s Reva deck just didn’t fit with your playstyle?
F: Yes, at that time I played a completely opposite playstyle for Songhai, as it was easier to be aggressive back then, and it’s hard to be aggressive with them now, so I do like the deck more now.


A: And moving on to your decks, out of the Mech decks you played, which did you think was the strongest?
F: I think the Zirix one might have been the strongest out of all my decks actually. Faie and Starhorn are really good too, it’s just Kara and Reva that I consider inferior to the rest when it comes to playing Mechs.

A: Now, as the first World Champion, you will be the subject of many netdecks going into the future, so do you have any advice for newer players coming into the game?
F: For new players, I will give pretty standard advice of just mucking around. don’t care about winning or losing, or knowing what you are doing. Try to have fun and see if you become interested in competitive from that

A: Going back to basics here, but what got you into Duelyst in the first place and what made you stick with the game?
F: I got into Duelyst because of the pixel art + cards made into pieces. it looked like a flashy chess which I used to play. I had never played a CCG before actually and as Duelyst was being developed I got more and more of a feeling what a normal CCG feels like. what I am trying to say is that I am one of the nostalgic 2-draw people. The quick swingy consistent style of 2-draw made it a tactics game over a card game in my opinion.

A: After Dragall took that first Best of 7 in the Grand Final, how were you feeling going into the deciding series?
F: I felt really nervous. I thought he was going to smack me 4-1 again. I got lucky to be honest. Like I mentioned, he had the better record against me today and yesterday so, I felt nervous going into it, just nervous.

A: Along with the prize money, you also will get the ability to design a card, have you got any idea of what that could be? Are we going to see a Mech themed card come in?
F:  I don’t think it’s going to be a mech card because I actually hate Mech, but no idea on it yet because I didn’t know before today that the personal card was a prize. Will definitely put time into that one, I really want a positional-based card something like Juxtaposition, Hearth-Sister, those are my favourite types of cards. I am really excited about the personal card though.

A: What would say would have been your first maindeck, or have you stuck with Mech the entire way?
F: It was a Songhai deck with a lot of 1-ofs, like Mindwarper, Storm Aratha and Crimson Oculus, I just put in 39 random cards with no plan at all. I think I started making ‘good’ decks after watching streams of Elmanbeastio and JoyfulRogue way back in Alpha. I’ve never actually played Mech before today, I just thought it would be an unprepared surprise that is secretly very strong and luckily it turns out it that it was. For my mech decks, I just run x3 Helm, x3 Wings, x3 Sword, x3 Cannon, x2 Chassis as a core for Mech.

A: Was there a time where you felt you wanted to quit Duelyst?
F: Yes from the 2-draw to 1-draw change I wanted to quit Duelyst but I guess I adapted in the end

A: Coming in as a so-called “underdog”, where did you think you would end up in the DWC?
F: I thought I would end 3rd in my group to be honest. I thought I would win vs either DemmiRemmi or TM21 and then lose two games.

A:Who would you say were your “models” as you continued playing Duelyst?
F: Jassz was a model, and before that Elmanbeastio. Drezbo in some way (in the way that I never played Magmar but he was still a model), and I think I learnt a lot from Grinch’s streams too. I also like maser’s decks almost always, but they usually only work for him. For this DWC I went to nowayitsJ as a model though, for the second round at least, the first round I was basically playing Kolos (x4 arcanysts, we had same generals too).

A: Although the readers may instantly assume your answer will be Mechaz0r, what would you say would be your favourite card?
F: Juxtaposition, I love positioning based cards and cards that interact with the board.

A: Probably the best decision in your Duelyst career, so do you plan to continue playing Mechs?
F: Probably never again. This way I can improve my matchups because my opponents will have to play useless tech cards. I guess Crossbones does stop me from playing Reva though which is sad

A: So you are going to utilise the fact you won the World Champs with Mech to force opponents to run counters when they match up with you, meanwhile you very well could be running something completely different?
F: Yes, Crossbones, Hollow Grovekeeper and Sunset Paragon are techs against Mech, which are all terrible against Obelysk Vet for example, so I’ll run something completely different.

A: And who would you say would be your favourite General?
F: My favourite general is Kaleos, he was the first General I played, and I only played him for a long time. this was long before Reva. I still like him most because his BBS truly interacts with the board unlike other BBSs.

A: Outside of Duelyst, what would say your favourite books and games be/recreational activities?
F: Books written by Reve, Brusselmans and Dimitri Verhulst. I have to menton Gummbah for comics (nothing superhero-like, it’s a humouristic comic). For games I like older Civilization games, Age of Empires, Europa Universalis – basically empire-building

A: Are there any shoutouts or thanks you want to make to members of the Duelyst community or elsewhere? Do you have any celebrations planned?
F: Maser, nowayitsj, kolos. Their decks and advice helped me win this tournament. also RHacker for presenting the idea of Mech about 3 days before DWC started, that is where the seed was planted really when he mentioned mech kara, running x5 mech was after some talking with Maser. I plan to go to on a 3-week trip to Korea as celebration!

Thanks everyone for reading, and again, congratulations to Ferocca on becoming Duelyst’s first World Champion. Keep your eyes peeled for more quality content here on!


Until next time.