Balance Patch Suggestions by humans

Hey guys, humans here and I LOVE Duelyst!

Today I would like to bring you something a little different. There was some expectations that this mid month patch would have some balance changes, but unfortunately it seems we will have to wait at least another week… maybe a whole month, before seeing any changes. Since this is the case, I thought I would use this time to offer some suggestions as to cards that could do with a change.

Keep in mind that almost all of these changes would require some play testing, some are over costed and some are under costed. The main idea is to show the cards which I think could do best with a change, and offer the changes that I think are best. I also reworked several cards both because I felt that cards were inherently flawed, and because I wanted to show some cool faction card ideas. I hope you enjoy it!

Check out the album here

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