Dragall Race to S Rank Victory

Hey Guys, Dragall here. I recently won the Race to S rank with the aggro mag list below and am going to go overall the play and strategy of the deck.

The play style of the deck, although aggro, is not like most aggro lists. It isn’t necessarily about consistent out of hand and high threat board damage, although some games may be won that way. The real beauty of the deck is its combo potential. Combos like Flash/Makantor and Tiger/Greater Fort and Elucidator/Thumping Wave are what give the deck the majority of its wins. Other, even more obscure combos, like flash reincarnation/Makantor + Flash/Elucidator + Thumping Wave (4 frenzy + 10 damage), or Flash Elucidator + Thumping Wave + Thumping Wave + Greater Fortitude (17 damage) win me a TON of games.




Each matchup is very different and there’s a lot of digging that takes place in each game. The cards that you always want in your and early are Spelljammer, Diretide Frenzy, Young Silithar, Flash Reincarnations and Makantor.

Tempo Lyonar: This is a fairly even matchup. Frenzy can really get you ahead. You want to look for Makantor + Greater Fortitude to deal with Silverguard Knight provokes. Earth Sphere is pretty strong in this matchup, but mull it early. Try and save a little out of hand damage for Arclyte Regalia, as that is very strong vs Magmar.

Zir’an: This matchup plays similarly to regular Lyonar, expect with the extra perk that Plasma Storm really hurts their deck. Holding an Egg Morph/Thumping Wave is quite prudent vs for biggies.

Variax Lilithe: Kill before die.

Cass: A strange matchup. Natural Selection is extremely good vs Kelaino and removing lonely juggernauts. Mull for those Makantors and try to keep your hand topped off with jammer. This is a particularly good matchup for holding an Entropic Gaze, as Cass often has a full hand which can be punished.

Obelysk Vet: Mull for flash Makantor and Plasma Storm. Natural Selections do very well in this, as does all frenzy due to no Obelysk counterattack. Try and keep 1 hard removal up since many of the decks run some surprise Aymaras, which absolutely ruin this deck.

Saaj: Difficult matchup. Keep up the hard removal, prepare for a potential long game. Saving up for a big combo as it can win a losing game.

Kaelos: Easier than Reva. I find Plasma storm pretty strong in this matchup. Tiger is super strong vs the deck as it kills Katara and Charki without deck. I almost never mull tigers vs Songhai.

Reva: Flash Makantors win games. You don’t want masochistic effects unless you are very far ahead. Try and frenzy while also keeping your life total higher. Often hitting face is the wrong play.

Kara: Mull for aoe and there should be no problem.

Faie: Like Kara, the meta Faie deck is really weak to frenzy, so mull for it. Plasma storm can lead to some blowouts. Try and have an earth Sphere in hand lategame for when he uses Concealing Shroud.

Starhorn: Keep a low curve. Earth Spheres do great. Maybe hold Plasma storm for a turn or two in case he’s running battle pets. Don’t use masochistic effects.

Vaath: One of the most enjoyable mirrors in the game, in my opinion. Often it comes down to who plays the most Earth Spheres. I almost never mull Earth Sphere vs Vaath and just keep 1-2 in my hand from turn 1.


Early Game

I only run 3 2-drops as the deck needs many piece to functions, and topdecking a 2-drop can lead to unfortunate losses. Ideally turn 1 you play Flash Jammer or Young Silithar, but don’t worry about it if you can’t. Player 2 likewise often has Natural Selection as his entire first turn. Best turn 2 is usually Spelljammer. Sometimes a nice Flash Makantor can catch your opponent off guard. Rarely use Elucidators early as the lost health can often come back to bite you. One of the most important things is to get a steady card flow from Jammer as your hand empties quickly.


Late Game

Flash Reincarnation, Elucidator, Makantor, Tiger, Thumping Wave, Diretide Frenzy and Greater Fortitude are what make up most of your lategame combos. Often just waiting a turn as you build up your hand isn’t the worst play. Earth Spheres and removal buy time for the fancy lethal. Fitting in your BBS when you can afford it is also very important, adding extra damage to trading hits with the enemy general and reducing the damage you take from minions.


Overall Thoughts

This list definitely isn’t the best deck right now, yet it is able to beat many of the best decks, allowing it to secure a comfy spot in the meta. It has a lot of trouble with provoke and would likely see less play (at least from me) if big Lyonar and Control Vetruvian were more prominent in the meta. Playing against it often leads people to rage, but that’s nice. Fast games without too much