Humans Duelyst Open Decklists

Hey guys, my name is humans, and I LOVE Duelyst. I recently came second in the DWC Open qualifier winning $600! I have had a lot of people ask me about my decklists so I decided to write this article about them. I use almost exactly the same decklists on the ladder to achieve S Rank #1 this month too!

I started with my lists from my previous DWC finals that you can find here:

Reva: -3 mana vortex -2 boar -1 juxtaposition -3 bloodrage mask, +3 Ki beholder +2 twin strike +1 mist dragon seal +1 nightwatcher +2 onyx bear seal.


RIP Mana Vortex, spending a full card for 1 mana of acceleration isn’t worth it 90% of the time. Lantern Fox is now ‘fair’ and ‘balanced’ and remains playable. Spelljammer is no longer a 3 drop… but still an amazing card. The first thing to understand is that with the change to Spelljammer and Mana Vortex… Reva has to push away from Aggro towards Control. She can still get insane turn 3-4-5 lethals, but they are MUCH less likely. Now we need to replace Spelljammer as a 3 drop, luckily Ki Beholder was already thrusting its glowing red fists deep into Reva. Twin Strike is also a delicious addition if you can get it to activate. Since we are running Twin Strike and trying to be more control, Onyx Bear Seal becomes super useful. We swap a Juxtaposition for a Mist Dragon Seal because Juxta operates more as removal than Dragon Seal and we have a couple Onyx Bear Seal now. Finally, we can throw in a tech Nightwatcher in this meta. Oh you’re playing Obelisks? That’s cute. Setting up for a Spectral Revenant or Makantor Warbeast are you? Welp not anymore! Reva unsurprisingly remains top tier, just slower and arguably harder to play.

Faie: -1 Snowchaser, +1 L’kian


Just like Lantern Fox, Cryogenesis now becomes ‘fair’ and ‘balanced’ and remains playable. Even though this was the only card changed, we have to understand that the meta has slowed down, everyone is going to have more sustain now. So we have to adapt too, we remove a Snowchaser for a third L’kian. Now we are much less likely to draw a late game Snowchaser we don’t want, and much more likely to be able to refill our hand with L’kian. Other than that, this deck remains the same power house as before. Great match ups vs everything that isn’t Cass.

Argeon: -2 Skorn -1 Lightbender, +2 Silverguard Knight +1 Hollow Grovekeeper

Remains mostly the same deck. We had to take out Skorn because we used it as a strong 3 drop, so a full playset of Silverguard Knight goes in that slot. We swapped Lightbender for Hollow Grovekeeper as a meta call. Of the 3 times I played this card in the top 16, I lost 2 of the games, with that said, one of the times it gave me the best chance to win, and the other time only MAYBE L’kian or Grandmaster Zir would have been better choices. In all honesty, this deck does fine on ladder and in tournaments because it is fast and easy. If you want a strong deck I think Cass and a slower Big Argeon would be better.

Tech Talks:

Looking at the 3 decks we have 3 different techs: Nightwatcher, Zen’rui and Hollow Grovekeeper. This may seem confusing, since you would expect that our tech choices would all be targeting the same meta. The truth is, we are using tech choices to improve our decks more so than target the meta. Firstly, Reva suffers horribly to charge minions, while having none of her own. Also, one of her worst match ups is Zirix, so having a card that ‘wins the game’ really boosts our overall winrate. Now looking at Faie, the reason we take Zen’rui is for the value. The deck is likely to have games that last a very long time, and we are likely to have a decent hand size. This means that finding a good time to play Zen’rui is practically inevitable. This card also gives us a slightly better match up vs Cass, as one of the few ways we can win is the huge swing from stealing a Kelaino. Finally, Aggro Argeon has a terrible time dealing with provokes, we want to go face! It especially struggles against Ironcliffes, Klaxon and Bonereapers. Putting in the Hollow Grovekeeper gives us a decent hope of winning off of triggering the opening gambit.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading and have a nice day 🙂 You can check me out on Twitter and Twitch and when I stream. Also I’m always on Discord humans #FixReaperofthe9Moons#1695