Humans’ Winning Mindset

Hey guys, my name is humans and I LOVE Duelyst. Today I’m bringing you a short video about Mindset. I’ve talked about it for Hearthstone before, and I feel the points are just as important for Duelyst. I’ll be following up this video with one or two more, talking about negative mindsets, and how you can improve your mindset. Thanks for watching! You can check me out on Twitter and Twitch and when I stream. Also I’m always on Discord humans #FixReaperofthe9Moons#1695



  1. For those who find this interesting and are curious as to a more in depth analysis of the winning mindset, what’s being described here is called “playing to win”. It’s a huge topic in competitive gaming in general, as your approach to how you play the game is different when you do it for fun versus doing it to win. A famous street Fighter player named David Sirlin wrote a book about it which you can read here:

    • Definitely a good read, was one of the things that set me on the right path! I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to get ahead in competitive gaming.

  2. Nice points. These points are applicable to real life as well. Enjoyed this video. Looking forward to the next instalments of this series.

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