January Race to S Rank Event!

As part of my ongoing efforts to promote the competitive Duelyst scene, I’m hosting the monthly Race to S Rank! The rules are relatively simple. To keep it competitive, anyone can enter as long as they give notice of their intention to race, so that casters can add them and track their games. You can play whatever you like, as much as you like. There’s some tricky stuff about wintrading to make sure you aren’t cheating, but besides that anything goes!

It starts with ladder rollover at midnight GMT onto 1st of January. I will start casting a few hours afterwards and will be occasionally joined by some other high profile players, if they aren’t racing already! The prizepool is $50 and a tournament champion’s badge for the winner, and maybe some crate keys and other giveaways! If you wish to sign up just contact me on reddit “AcidentallyMyAccount“,  in game “humans” or on discord “humans – 9moons.gg#1695” before the end of the month.



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  1. Totally missed this but I wouldve definitely loved to Dragal rise up from the ranks with such a simple aggro deck. Is there a way for me to see all his plays for this race?

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