Kolos’ Complete Duelyst Guide (Episode One Basic Deck Buidling)

Fundamentals of Duelyst:

  1. Play a large amount of 2-drops. Missing a 2-Drop leads to game loss in many cases
  2. Games are decided by 5 mana
  3. Your hand size will trend downward as the game progress. Tempo > Card Advantage.
  4. Playing on Curve is the bread-and-butter of Duelyst

Two Drops

  • Run at least 9 2-Drops. Kolos prefers 11. 9 2-Drops gives you a 90% chance of having an opening play. 12 raises it to 95%
  • Common 2 Drops are
    • Healing Mystic
    • Azure Herald
    • Jaxi
    • Shiro Puppy Dragon
    • Primus Fist

Four Drops

  • We Skip 3 drops because player 1 can get mana tile on their 2nd turn and player 2 will always have 4 mana on turn 2.
  • Play at least 6 4-Drops.
    • Dioltas/Sunsteel – Board Presense
    • L’kian/Spelljammer – Card draw

Five Drops

  • 1 3-of to top your curve
  • 5 Mana is the start of late game

Op Faction Cards

  • Faction Cards should contribute directly to the strategy of your deck. If they don’t you should consider switching factions.
  • Holy Immolation/Makantor Warbeast/Spectral Revenant

Utility Cards

  • Most Minions in Duelyst are must-answer.
  • Dispel – Shroud, Lightbender, Replusor Beast.
  • Pings and AOE – Bloodtear Alchemist, Blistering Skorn, Tempest

New Player Decks

  • Golems
  • Ranged
  • Mechs

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