New Player Guide: Mech (Kara) by humans

Hey guys, my name is humans, and I LOVE Duelyst!

Whether you are a brand new player getting into Duelyst, or a more experienced player looking to branch into a new deck, this guide is for you! This guide is designed to give you the best possible knowledge you can have to learn the game and expand your collection at the same time! MECHAZ0R is a strong neutral deck archetype that can be played in literally ANY faction. The deck relies a lot on positioning and proper hand replace management, allowing you to learn a lot about Duelyst without being overwhelmed by too many other card mechanics. The cheap and versatile nature of MECHAZ0R lists makes it ideal for new players as a starter decklist. The fact it can easily be piloted to S Rank and in high level Tournaments is a huge bonus making it viable for players of all skill levels.


First off, let’s talk about MECHAZ0R the almighty bane of ladder. MECHAZ0R himself is a hugely statted 8/8 with airdrop, ranged, frenzy AND can’t be targeted by ANY spells. All four of those abilities are important to understand, but more on that later. So how do we get MECHAZ0R onto the field? Well there are five relatively cheap (both in spirit and mana) minions that ‘progress’ us towards MECHAZ0R, four of the five sharing an ability with MECHAZ0R. Once we play any combination of these five minions we have the option to spawn MECHAZ0R. Unfortunately playing more than five doesn’t net us more MECHAZ0Rs. Since he has AIRDROP, we can place him anywhere on the field we like. This is important because you learn how best to position your board to make it hardest for each general to deal with MECHAZ0R. For example, Lyonar and Vanar can Dispel a far away target, making it so we generally want to place him closer to these generals. Since he has RANGED we have the option to leave him in the corner and keep a huge pressure minion on the board. Since he has FRENZY we also have the option to force our opponent to now clump up against us as MECHAZ0R will gleefully shred their board. Finally, having UNTARGETABLE by spells means that factions with removal also need a dispel in order to be able to use it on MECHAZ0R, with the downside that we can not use our own positive spells on him. Generally speaking when playing the deck you want to replace cards that aren’t MECHAZ0R pieces and try to summon MECHAZ0R as soon as possible. If you are wary you might want to be prepared to not lose instantly if your opponent plays a Crossbones, or otherwise has some way of dealing with your MECHAZ0R.

Now let’s look at the individual pieces. Helm and Wings are both super low costed aggressive minions. Any deck running MECHAZ0R will likely use this to their advantage, meaning they will likely play some more 1 drops and early aggressive minions. Being able to use Wings of MECHAZ0R to steal a mana tile from your opponent can often snowball games where you are playing an aggressive deck. The next two minions Sword and Cannon are noticeably under statted, but with decent abilities. Again, understanding positioning is key in utilising these minions. Forcing your opponent to struggle to deal with a RANGED minion can make them play off curve and put a dent in their game plan. Likewise, FRENZY means they risk having their board ruined if they get too close. Finally there’s the Chassis, again UNTARGETABLE with decently high stats. This minion fits back into the aggressive playstyle, being incredibly difficult to remove with a painfully high attack.

So now that we understand MECHAZ0R a bit more, let’s talk about the focus of this article. We are trying to construct a core of cheap neutral cards that can be used for any faction, and most decks, and then build the best (and cheapest) possible MECHAZ0R deck from that. What other neutral cards compliment this deck’s playstyle? Well, Primus Fist work really well with pretty much every MECHAZ0R piece, allowing us to trade up while supporting a very aggressive playstyle. Dancing Blades is one of the strongest 5 drops in the game, allowing us to remove minions and develop a strong body. Likewise, with such a relatively low curve, L’kian makes a great hand refill with a decent body. These are not only great in our deck, but in general for newer players I would put all three of these cards as high priority for crafting.

Mech Kara

Well we have a really decent core, but why do we make it primarily a Kara deck and what cards are we going to add? Well, we’ve talked a lot so far about how MECHAZ0R pieces are aggressive under statted minions, well it turns out Kara’s BBS is perfect for this. We can play 2-3 minions in a turn benefiting greatly on those minions. Likewise, MECHAZ0R is relatively difficult to apply positive bonuses to, but summoning it on a turn you used Kara’s BBS gives it some extra stats. We include Chromatic Cold because it is such an undeniably strong and versatile card. Hearthsister is great, it allows us to safely place our Sword of MECHAZ0R or MECHAZ0R himself away from the action, and then switch them in for some crazy FRENZY damage. Snowchaser is like we mentioned another cheap aggressive 1 drop that has incredible synergy with Wings of MECHAZ0R and Hearthsister. Finally, since we are pushing so passionately towards our opponent we can play both Crystal Cloaker and Wailing Overdrive as strong Infiltrate cards.

We’re finally nearing the end of our work. We have a deck of 38 cards (including the general!) and have a little bit of room for additions. Here is where I suggest you bring out your tech cards and legendaries! But first, let’s talk a little bit about crafting. So far I have suggested you craft the mech core of 6 commons, 6 rares and 1-3 of the Epic Chassis. That’s about 1k-2k spirit assuming you get unlucky and don’t open any of the cards (which is unlikely). We then upgraded this to include 5 more commons (200 spirit) and the Neutral Sister L’kian. L’kian requires that you craft 6 playsets (3 of each) of neutral Rares, you are then given her as a quest reward! We already have 2 playsets from our MECHAZ0R core, so we need 4 more. Below is a table of the best rares you can craft to get L’kian. Ranging from cards that are played in the majority of decks, to ones that are slightly situational, and finally some very situational ones. Pick as you see fit, but I would suggest just crafting the first group. These 12 rares are another 1200 spirit, bringing our total up to around 3k spirit. The Kara package is 3 rares, 5 commons and 6 faction cards, give us a grand total under 4k spirit. It will take you at most about 2-3 weeks of playing the game 1-2 hours a day to get this much spirit. Hopefully in that time you are lucky enough to open some nice epics and legendaries or you already had some! Below is also a table of the epics and legendaries that are best suited to this deck. For the last 2-3 cards in your deck you can include almost any minions from these two tables, or any minions you personally enjoy playing. That is the glory of Mech Kara, she is incredibly versatile! If you’re into net-decking, you can just copy the decklist at the top of the article that I used with great success in the Race to S Rank event!


That’s all for now. Thanks for reading and have a nice day 🙂 You can check me out on Twitter and Twitch and when I stream. Also I’m always on Discord humans #FixReaperofthe9Moons#1695