NoWayItsJ’s Swarm Cassyva

Hey guys, I’ve been recently messing with swarm Lilithe a lot lately, and realised that Lilithe’s BBS is way too slow for swarm.  By the time the third turn comes you already have decided if you’ve swarmed the board or not, and the 2 extra 1/1s don’t really help much.  On top of this, the big minions you can run if you want more than just swarm in Lilithe are either too slow, or too high cost.   So I had an idea from an old friend XLeafX who tried a swarm Cassyva type of deck and it actually was very cool.  Although his variant was slower with Sarlac, mine with the current meta is based on Swarm. In the current meta I feel it dominates Vanar, Songhai, and has too many threats for Lyonar to deal with. With this knowledge of the meta I took it to the Duelyst Open today and have about a 90% win rate with it on ladder and tournaments so far. Sadly only got to the top 8 of the Open.

Swarm Cassyva

Why Cassyva over Lilithe?

The reason I went to Cassyva is because not only is Lilithe’s BBS too slow for swarm, but Cassyva’s Bloodborn Spell also helps remove more units for DeathWatch.  She lets you get one more deathwatch tick on both Bloodmoon Priestess, as well as Crescendo to snowball even harder.  With the immediate impact of this, as well as having the ability to kill any low HP unit you have on the map to finish a Perfect Protect on Bloodmoon it makes Cassyva very strong.  She also has the strongest mid-game unit in the game.

Abyssal Juggernaut on average with the deck gets 2-4 creep by the time it’s summoned on 4 or 5 mana. This gives what Swarm Lilithe lacks of a strong non-swarm unit to play around Plasma Storm with or in general have more threats.  They could play vorpal, a 5 drop, or something but they’re too slow and lack the raw power.  With Juggernaut he’s always a 4 mana 7/7 or higher. With Crescendo, Kelaino, and Bloodmoon Priestess it makes your opponent feel miserable for using a dispel on anything since the next threat is even scarier.  The most important part of this also is that when I was playing Lilithe Ooz and Sphere felt auto include anyway for how good they are. So may as well have the Creep synergy of Cassyva and throw Juggernauts in.


Playstyles and Game Plan

So with the name of the deck being Swarm Cassyva you may be thinking that the whole gameplan every game should be to focus on that.  If that were the case I’d probably throw Zyx in here as well, however it actually isn’t the case.  The deck plays very similarly to regular Cassyva, but with the chance to have auto win openers that regular Cassyva lacks.  The games you open all your swarmy cards such as Wraithling Swarm you go for the cheesey auto win game early, but if not you just play it slower.  That’s the beautiful thing of the deck, even if you don’t draw all the synergies to cheese out a win it’s still got so many win conditions later on to fall back on.

Lets say we didn’t open all our swarm cards, we should just have an inferior Cassyva deck right?  Well surprisingly, Bloodmoon Priestess and Crescendo get a TON of value even on near empty boards due to Bloodborn Spell being able to kill things instantly.  They also require immediate answers or they snowball out of control, and when answered make your juggernauts unanswerable.  So with the Cassyva playstyle when you don’t have swarm hands you just play a Passive game, while constantly throwing threat after threat of snowball/auto win cards at your opponent every turn.

Especially with a Jaxi to throw Crescendo on things get a little silly.  Wraithling Swarm also is not just a swarm card either, it’s a great card in general as Faie and Songhai without Ghost Lightning struggle to deal with the 1/1s.  You can prevent movement, or steal mana Tiles you otherwise couldn’t with it, giving you big leads.

Overall, just play to what your hands give you, go for swarm if you get them, go for a slower playstyle with tons of threats if not, sometimes you may even do both.