A Hand With A Plan

July 2, 2017 Adam Thomas 0

Welcome to another strategy article! Today I’m going to look into a complex topic that a few people have requested: planning out your turns and sequencing your moves. There’s a lot more to sequencing than fits […]

Deck Techs

There Can Be Only Lilithe

June 19, 2017 Adam Thomas 0

Recently, a new format has come to grace the Duelyst waves. Highlander! With its origins in Magic: the Gathering, and made competitive by Hearthstone and the supremely-chinned Reno Jackson, Highlander is a format where every […]

No Picture

RHacker93’s Meet the Grandmasters

June 13, 2017 Adam Thomas 0

We have something a little different for you today. RHacker93 has compiled short interviews with most of the game’s Grandmasters, including himself. (Seems legit.) If you’ve ever wondered who the top players of Duelyst really are, […]


A Guide to Positioning, Part 2

May 14, 2017 Adam Thomas 3

Hello again! Time for another strategy article. If you missed the first part of this series, go ahead and have a read now. It introduces some important concepts of positioning that I’m going to be […]

No Picture

A Guide to Positioning, Part 1

May 6, 2017 Adam Thomas 1

I almost fatally embarrassed myself on stream the other day. I was playing Gauntlet with a pretty ordinary Kara deck, sitting pretty at 6-1, and started talking about how it was surprisingly realistic to reliably hit the […]


Rift – A Basic Guide

April 28, 2017 Alexicon1 0

Hey everyone, Alexicon1 here with a run-down on the new game-mode we’ve been blessed with thanks to the guys at Counterplay. What is Rift? Rift is a continuous draft format that starts with a basic […]

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