Meta Game

Team 9moons Review of Rise of The Bloodborn

December 18, 2016 Humans 0

The 9moons team Nowayitsj, Sibons and myself humans, have done a full review of the Rise of the Bloodborn cards. Individual cards were discussed and basically rated as either strong, playable, weak and (ahem) trash. Below the […]


Humans’ Winning Mindset Part 2

December 14, 2016 Humans 0

Hey guys, my name is humans and I LOVE Duelyst. Today I’m bringing you the second short video about Mindset. I’ve talked about it for Hearthstone before, and I feel the points are just as important […]

Deck Techs

The Ultimate Guide to Wisp Control Faie

December 13, 2016 Sleepy 0

Last month I talked to Sticks who showed me his Wisp Faie decks. He had 2 versions, Grove Lion/Grincher and Control. I really enjoyed playing these decks and this month I decided to try to […]


9moons presents Bloodborn Invitational

December 12, 2016 Humans 0

After the new expansion hits, how will you know what to play? The team over at has you covered! We will be holding an invitational with 8 of the best and most well known […]

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