Deck Techs

NoWayItsJ’s Swarm Cassyva

November 30, 2016 NoWayItsJ 0

Hey guys, I’ve been recently messing with swarm Lilithe a lot lately, and realised that Lilithe’s BBS is way too slow for swarm.  By the time the third turn comes you already have decided if […]


The Depth of Mana Springs

November 30, 2016 NoWayItsJ 0

Have you ever wondered whether to take a Mana Spring or not? Mana Springs alone have a lot of depth and manipulation you can use to your advantage. There’s denial of the orb, you can […]

Meta Game

Looking Back On the Lizards

November 29, 2016 Sibon 0

Late last year, when I started playing Duelyst I decided that I would play Magmar. I played it through the eras of FoxHai, LaserCat Vet, Tempo Vanar, Sunsteel/Songweaver Songhai, Face Zirix, Cassyva, SpellHai and many […]

Deck Techs

Starhorn Rawr S-Rank Deck Guide

November 26, 2016 Sleepy 0

I decided to try to get S-Rank this month using Starhorn after seeing the win rates posted from Duelyst Hub. The main idea behind this deck is to get an early Rawr on the board […]

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