Rise of Bloodborn Tier List/Metagame Analysis – Kolos and Elena

The Snowchaser Cup is a fortnightly tournament with a cash prize pool and sanctioned by Counterplay Games. Over the last 4 months players have competed for a spot in the Grand Finals where the 8 highest rated players play off for a chance at the $1000 prizepool! This weekend it was the first major tournament since the release of the new expansion Rise of the Bloodborn, the player Bryan (aka Elena) came first with Kolos (aka Chiyochandesuguu) coming second place. Now the team at 9moons shares with you their decklists and thoughts on the new meta.


Kolos and Elena’s Tier List:

Tier 1

Abyssian – Punish allows you to focus on the early game and still be able to deal with large minions later on. This lets it counter aggro easily. Variax allows you to have very strong late game especially if you can accelerate it out with Darkfire Sacrifice. Furosa allows your wraithlings to dodge most hate cards and if left unchecked can run away with the game.

Tier 2

Lyonar – Lyonar always had very strong 2 drops and they added some power tempo tools that allow them to fight the aggro decks that are popping up. Draining Wave is a great card for tempo orientated decks and Scintilla gives you a way to survive burn damage without sacrificing the board. Midrange Argeon is getting pushed out because of powerful removal spells(Natural Selection, Punish, Enfeeble, etc) that counter their one-minion-per-turn strategy.

Magmar – Magmar got a powerful 2-Drop in Rancour that is a must remove minion that can end the game quickly similar to Chakri Avatar. Entropic Gaze and Tectonic Spikes are powerful burn and draw spells for aggressive decks especially when combined with Decimus. Thraex is good in Zoo strategies but board based decks are being pushed out by the burn based Magmar that is seeing the majority of play. Drogon is most powerful on the ladder when people are less apt to play around it. Increase availability of card draw allows you to play more low impact/high efficiency cards that lead to very aggressive strategies.

Tier 3

Vanar – Vanar got some new tools and almost all of their cards will see play and open up some new strategies. Concealing Shroud and Frigid Corona allow for a “Freeze Mage” like archetype that can stall your opponent and give you time to burn them out. Sleet Dasher plus Boundless Courage is a powerful board clear.

Songhai – Songhai was one of the strongest decks before the patch but didn’t get a ton to augment their existing decks. Obscuring Blow is a powerful removal spell but it requires you to have control of positioning.

Tier 4

Vetruvian – Vetruvian was in a pretty bad spot before and didn’t get many fast cards to compete in the faster meta game that has appeared since the new set was released. The lack of healing and slower cards leave them in a pretty tough spot.



Bryan’s(Elena) SnowChaser Finals Winning Deck

Punish carries the late game so you can focus entirely on early game. Kelaino and Void Pulse gives you enough healing to outlast most burn damage.


Solafid S-Ranked #1 Deck (Aggro Faie)

The new set added some burn and some stall which allows the deck to play sort of like the Aggro Freeze Mage that pops up in Hearth Stone some times. Start off with aggressive minions early game and then use the Shroud, Corona and Enfeeble to stall your opponent while you finish them some face damage.


Kolos’ Variax Lilith

Grandmaster Variax is especially strong if you can accelerated out with Darkfire Sacrifice. This deck goes all in on the Grandmaster plan and even forgoes Revenant. Necrotic Sphere is a hedge against Lyonar decks that may tech in Aegis Barrier to avoid punish. This deck has possibly the strongest late game of any deck in the game.

Kolos’ Punch Magmar

This is a pretty standard Magmar Midrange with the new set. It leans a bit on the Drogon for the finish especially with the Cryptographer combo. Fractal Replication along with Drogon can also be an OTK combo.


Kolos’ Starhorn Burn

This is another “comboish” variation of Magmar that relies on the burn combos with Decimus combined with Tectonic Spikes and Entropic Gaze. It has more out of hand damage than almost any deck in the game and allows you to ignore the board for the most part. This is probably not as strong overall as some of the more consistent decks.

Bryan’s Miracle Vaath

The new cards Magmar received allow this deck to work off burn rather than Twin Fangs and add more card draw to set up the combo. Very hard deck to play.

 Blatm’s Ladder Lyonar

 Lyonar is in a good position to be an aggressive anti-aggro deck with their strong Tempo plays like Silverguard Knight and Holy Immolation. Draining Wave is very tempo efficient removal and Scintilla combined with the powerful Argeon BBS gives you a way to maintain your life total without losing the board.

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