Sibon’s 2nd Place DPL Finals Lists and Explaination

Hey guys! I recently got 2nd in the Duelyst Pro League finals, beating Zezetel and Maser before losing to Rmoriar in the finals 2-3. I decided to bring Divine Bond Argeon, Midrange Vaath with Grove Lion, Midrange Cassyva and Mech Faie. I banned Songhai when possible.

Divine Bond Argeon

Sibon DB Argeon

I brought Argeon because he’s the strongest general right now thanks to his overwhelming early game power, consistency and ability to tech any match up into a favourable one. Seeing as the DPL finals format allowed me to keep the Songhai to a minimum, I decided to forego cards like Arclyte Sentinel and Tempest in favour of Divine Bond and three Ironcliffes.

The goal was to still be fairly aggressive, hence the Jammers over L’kian, Repulsor over Martyrdom and no healing cards. The list felt very good, especially as a Cassyva counter though I’d happily play it into almost anything.    

Midrange Vaath

Sibon Midrange Vaath

This is a fairly standard midrange Magmar list, with the addition of Grove Lion and Sunset Paragon. These were to help sure up the mirror and Lyonar match ups, while providing this otherwise very mech vulnerable deck with an out to it.

I don’t play Egg Morph here, because between 2 Shrouds, 2 Plasma Storm, triple Natural Selection/Thumping Wave and the sheer amount of damage you can pump out you provide enough removal against almost anything. If I was expecting a lot of Vetruvian I would have added a couple of Egg Morphs, however.

One last thing to note, I’m a huge advocate for Azure Herald and I think it’s a better card than Healing Mystic in most situations. I play Mystic in this list simply because Heralds 1 attack interferes with Natural Selection too much for the extra point of healing to be worth it.


Sibon Cassyva

Cassyva is just too good not to play right now. Divine Bond Lyonar and the rarely seen big minion Songhai decks are the only real counters, with many other match ups being almost auto-win. I heavily teched against Lyonar with Rust Crawler, Repulsor Beast and triple Dancing Blades – reducing possible counter decks to one which I could simply ban away.

I don’t think I used Rite at all, but I still like to have it over the 3rd Spelljammer in case a game goes too long and I deplete my hand. A big reason why DB Lyonar is so good against Cassyva is because Kelaino can’t really help you with a 15 damage Ironcliffe hitting your face in one big attack, whereas almost any other deck needs several minions/general hits to do big damage – allowing Kelaino to make you almost invincible until you draw your game ending cards.

To paraphrase TSM Reginald’s infamous Zyra guide:

“She is the typical A̶P̶ Abyssian carry, you don’t really do anything fancy with her at all.. She is broke , she is OP and she is easy to play. All you have to do is position yourself way back and make sure to land your spells which is very easy to do. ALways make sure to turn your s̶e̶e̶d̶s̶ Kelainos into p̶l̶a̶n̶t̶s̶ 15 healing. Use your c̶o̶o̶l̶d̶o̶w̶n̶s̶ Revenants when they’re down… thats all and you win.”

Mech Faie

Sibon Mech FaieFor my final deck I chose Mech Faie to either cheese wins or attract bans – thankfully it ended up doing both. Frost Burn and double Grovekeeper help weather the storm when against Lyonar, and the Tigers plus Frost Fire can get cheeky lethals if your Mechaz0r dies. After the cost increase, Spelljammer is too slow for this deck so the choice of draw card is between Sojouner or Blaze Hound – both are valid options but I like Sojourner due to the fact she doesn’t help your opponent.

Mark of Solitude is great on almost any minion in the deck, and running 3 is tempting for its ability to steal games from as early as turn 2. I think if I were playing the version of mech Faie with Gravity Well and Snowchaser I’d go up to 3, but since Crystal Cloaker isn’t a particularly good target 2 is fine.

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