Sibon’s Grove Lion Vaath Deck Tech – DPL Winning Deck

Sibon used this deck to place 2nd in the DPL and then to win the Tuesday Melee. I(Sleepy) also used it to place 4th in the Melee.

General Strategy:

The main goal of the deck is to keep the board clear and use the BBS Overload to buff your general. Later in the game you will aim to get a swing turn with either Grove Lion or Mandrake where you are able to destroy your enemy’s board and deploy a large threat. Grove Lion is often hard to answer and allows your general to keep the board clear while you deploy more threats. You usually want to play the Grove Lion in a safe position because the ability is often more important than the body and they will need to find an answer to it quickly.


Your general will provide a huge threat late game and you can keep your HP up with Earth Spheres and Healing Mystics. You will often finish off the game with a Rush minion and Thumping Wave.


The deck was made to beat Lyonar while keeping a decent matchup with Cassyva and Songhai. Natural Selection is your main weapon against the mirror and Songhai. In the mirror your swing turns will often be Natural Selection(ing) an enemy minion and playing a Sunsteel or Grove Lion.


Card Choices:

Grove Lion is good against Lyonar because it allows you to remove their minions without losing heath and they don’t have a clean removal without

Sunset Paragon helps to win the mirror as well as providing an answer to Mechaz0r.

Sworn Sister provides veritable card advantage and gives you the cards up front even if it gets removed fight away.


Cards not Played:

Spelljammer – Can be killed or dispelled after only giving 1 card. May be an option especially with Greater Fortitude.

Azure Herald – Poor synergy with Natural Selection

Earth Sister – After the nerf it dies too easily and if Flashed out only has 2 HP

Egg Morph – With Vet not as prevalent in the meta Thumping Wave can fill the role most of the time.



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