Starhorn Rawr S-Rank Deck Guide

Starhorn Rawr
I decided to try to get S-Rank this month using Starhorn after seeing the win rates posted from Duelyst Hub. The main idea behind this deck is to get an early Rawr on the board and overwhelm your opponent with raw stats. You want to be starting the game with a Flash Reincarnation or a Kujata and then start pumping out value minions and draw more cards than your opponent can use.


Keep: Kujata, FI, Young Silithar and Gro. You also want to keep the 5-Drop Techs against the matchups they target. Zen against Cass and Songhai, Grovekeeper against Lyonar

Card Selection:

Starhorn: Using the BBS is hard with Starhorn because you can’t just use it on cooldown like most other generals. You almost never want it against Songhai because they play too many cheap cards and burn. You want to use this when your hand allows you to keep flooding the board and this BBS is the reason you can play Kujata and FI and make your minions disposable. If your opponent needs an answer you should just hold this but if you are in a value game just cast it and trust your deck to allow you to play move cards than your opponent can.

Gro: This is a pile of stats. You usually don’t place this aggressively and it can often just bulldoze through your enemy’s minions and sometimes draw a dispel.

Rex: This is a late addition and one that I am not 100% sure about. It is pretty good for flood turns and it is occasionally played for 0 on a mana tile as an accelerator.

Kujata: This is the heart of the deck and allows for your most busted starts like a 4 drop turn 2 as player 1 or a complete board flood as player 2. You don’t want this near combat and it is still often good even late game to get the instant pet of Rawr or damage of Earthsister.

Young Silithar: Hard to kill 2 drop. Smooths out early game.

Blistering Skorn: This is your crowd control and a combo with Earthsister. You will most often use this to snipe HearthSeekers or to kill 2/3s with your general.

Earth Sister: This is a board control minion, anti-battlepet tool and your best way to retake the board.

Sworn Sister: You are a flood deck, this gives you cards to flood. Great as a 3 mana 2/3. You can play the Sworn Sister much earlier in this deck than in most.

Rawr: This is the center piece of the deck. Your best start is Kujata into Rawr or as player 2 Kujata into Flash Rawr. This is very bad as a 5-drop 3/7. You want this on turn 1 or 2 or else only with a Kujata. This will usually draw removal or spawn 2 to 3 pets with is incredible value.

Hollow GroveKeeper: This is your anti-Kron card and honestly it doesn’t even feel that good against Kron because the body is so small. You will replace this often but make sure to hold it for the turn that Kron or Mech or IronCliff will come down.

Zen’Rui: This is mainly used on Lantern Fox and Shadow Sister. It is a huge blowout in either case. Don’t be afraid to FI this out early against decks like Magmar that won’t have great targets later on.

Makantor Warbeast: AOE clear and Reach damage. This is one way to take back the board if you lose control. It is best to not lose control

Mandrake: This will cost 0 pretty early. Replace it until you can drop it with something else to seize tempo.

Flash Reincarnation: This is your most important card. Your best starts involve a flashed out Rawr or Kron or 5-drop tech. This is also great with Earthsister to clear board but the nerf hits that play pretty hard.

Razor Skin: Fills out your curve by giving your 2 1 drop plays.

Egg Morph: This is the only removal in the deck. This is for big provokes, Nimbuses and Healers. It cost a lot and you only want to play this if you have no other way to take board.

Nature Confluence: This is one of the cards I am not sure about but it is a great way to dumb stats on the board and box opponents in. It seems to shine against Songhai w/o Ghost Lightning because it is hard for them to dump that many attacks into it and it keeps them from kiting around.