Stream Highlights and Bug Examples from humans

Hey guys, humans here and I LOVE Duelyst!

Today I would like to bring you some highlights from my stream and an example of a couple of ‘bugs’ that upset people. Let’s start with the fun stuff. These are clips that I have pulled from my stream. I’m playing on the Ranked ladder at Diamond and S Rank around a week into the month, so these are games at a ‘high level’ of Duelyst play, which to me makes them even funnier! I will show you the clip, followed by an explanation, so if you don’t like spoilers make sure to only scroll down enough to watch the video! Also, WARNING: I do get quite loud at some points so be careful with the volume settings.



So I’m in a hard fought intense match against a Sajj player. He keeps healing out of lethal range, and I keep playing Concealing Shroud (your general doesn’t take damage) to avoid dying. He plays not just one, but TWO Grandmaster Nosh-Rak (enemy general takes double damage) in his turns before I FINALLY find lethal. But, being the fun loving character that I am, I decide it’s a good idea to ‘BM’ him (bad manners to play extra cards) by playing a Flameblood Warlock (deals 3 damage to both players). Being at 7 health I think I’m out of range of not only 3 damage, but the 6 damage it will deal with Nosh-rak… BUT IT KILLS ME! It takes me a few seconds to realize that with double Nosh’rak out he gets double-double damage… so the Flameblood Warlock dealt TWELVE damage to me. Lesson learned: Don’t BM hahaha.




Here I’m at the end of a match against another Vetruvian, this time a Zirix. I have guaranteed lethal from either using Spectral Revenant (rush with 6 attack) or Obliterate (deal damage for each of your Shadow Creep)… but there’s a third option, the BM option to use Meltdown (deal 7 damage to a random enemy when you use your BBS) to have a 50/50 chance at getting lethal. I decide to go with it because it is amusing, and it works, winning me the game. Lesson learned: Always BM hahaha.




In this match I’m in a very strong position against a Reva player, I have board, card AND life advantage by quite a large margin. I’m happily humming away thinking I’ve easily won, forgetting that at 6 cards in hand, he is in prime position to do ‘songhai things’ to me. He drops a Four Winds Magi (deal 1 damage and gain 1 life whenever you play a spell) and a Katara (1/3 with Backstab 3), followed by an Inner Focus (activate a minion with 3 or less attack)… Ok I think that’s fine. Then the second Inner Focus happens and I’m thinking WOW THAT IS STRONG. He then uses his BBS and I think his turn is done. Then THE THIRD INNER FOCUS hits me and I’m shaking in my boots! I actually won this game after healing back up 11 life and getting a Tectonic Spikes and Decimus combo, but still!




Here we see an interesting match. At first I think I have a really strong advantage with the hand that I have. Quickly my opponent crushes my dream by having some equally strong counter plays. But he can’t find a way to remove my Decimus (opponent takes 2 damage whenever they draw a card). I then cast my Entropic Gaze (Deal 4 damage to the enemy general and both players draw a card) into ANOTHER Entropic Gaze. All the damage adds up and kills him on turn 3… Poor guy!

BONUS: I then go into a little bit of an explanation on how the S Rank system works.


The Bugs

Now let’s talk about the Rope Bug that seems to have recently popped up. Basically what happens is you still seem to have rope left, make your play, then suddenly the client tells you that your play didn’t happen and you ran out of time. You can see a picture of what is happening right here:

Afterwards you see the following image, saying “You have run out of time!” showing that while your command did go through, the game has decided that it didn’t???

Having this message even in the game is absurd. There are only two states the game should be in:

  1. You have made your play during your turn.
  2. It is not your turn.

When it is not your turn, then you shouldn’t be able to make plays, it’s that simple. There wouldn’t need to be this message if ‘the rope’ was handled properly. What do I mean by that? What I mean is that ‘the rope’ should actually end BEFORE you can’t make any more plays, not afterwards. This way, if you are roping, and make a play just as the rope finishes, you think “wow I just managed to get that in time” and feel happy. Instead, you make a play as the rope finishes now, and it denies you the play??? If the rope ends, AND THEN you are still trying to make plays and they don’t work… you can’t really be mad. The rope showed you how long you had left, and then your turn finished.

The other ‘bug’ seen in this video is the ‘Egg Bug’ where the minion dies, and rather than the game immediately spawning the egg and allowing you to attack it… it plays out the fancy animation for several seconds. This is almost entirely the reason I missed my last play. You can clearly see in the video that I attempt SEVERAL TIMES to attack the egg minion… but instead it does nothing. While yes, I could have played the Azure Herald before attempting to attack the egg, I had my mouse right there to use the Natural Selection, then moving my general. It’s easy to think just to queue up the attack while you’re mouse is in that area.


That’s all from me today guys! Thanks for watching! You can check me out on Twitter and Twitch and when I stream. Also I’m always on Discord humans –