Team 9moons Review of Rise of The Bloodborn

The 9moons team Nowayitsj, Sibons and myself humans, have done a full review of the Rise of the Bloodborn cards. Individual cards were discussed and basically rated as either strong, playable, weak and (ahem) trash. Below the video you can find the card ratings listed for your convenience. Hope you enjoy the video!


Cryptographer: Playable, Sanguinar: Weak, Meltdown: Playable


Concealing Shroud: Strong, Frigid Corona: Playable, Enfeeble: Strong, Myriad: Trash, Sleet Dasher: Weak, Grandmaster Embla: Trash


Entropic Gaze: Strong, Rancour: Playable, Tectonic Spikes: Strong, Thraex: Playable, Drogon: Playable, Valknu’s Seal: Trash


Furosa: Playable, Aphotic Decay: Trash, Punish: Super Saiyan Strong, Horror Burster: Weak, Necrotic Sphere: Weak, Grandmaster Variax: Strong


Stone to Spears: Playable, Divine Spark: Weak, Zephyr: Weak, Incinera: Playable, Autarch’s Gifts: Playable, Grandmaster Nosh-Rak: Playable


Obscuring Blow: Weak, Ethereal Blades: Playable, Twilight Fox: Trash, Whiplash: Weak, Cobra Strike: Trash, Geomancer: Weak


Draining Wave: Playable, Prism Barrier: Weak, Scintilla: Strong, Sunbreaker: Weak, Trinity Oath: Strong, Excelsious: Weak