Grandmaster humans, 3 times DWC Qualifier finalist, S Rank #3 and S Rank #1 over the last two months, and overall reddit poster. Check out my article on my DWC Open decklists!

Top 8 Australia New Zealand Hearthstone Blizzcon Qualifiers!

Two times Hearthstone Tuesday Night Hype winner!

Top 3 NA Hearthstone Strivewire for 3 months!

One second and one third Hearthmind tournament.

Ten times Hearthstone Legend and counting.

Two times S Rank Duelyst.

Top 6 Duelyst Underdog Gaming Qualifier.

Top 25 Duelyst S Rank finish February.

Incredibly handsome and charmingly humorous




Next up on the team is nowayitsj, Tournament and Ladder extraordinaire! Nowayitsj has been top of the ladder many months, currently has the most DWC points, and has a long list of high tournament placements. He is most well known for his innovation of the game, always adding spicy new decks to the meta. Check out his hybrid Swarm Cassyva deck here.

NoWayItsJ has a long list of accomplishments including:


2nd place Bloodborn Contest of Grandmasters
2nd place Bloodborn #3
2nd place Underdog gaming tournament #2
2nd place bloodborn Season 2 #2
1st place The Road to the Monolith #1
2nd place kotb 17 (first cash prize kotb)
1st place Bloodborn Season 2 8
1st place bloodborn Season 2 9
2nd place Bloodborn Season 2 11
3rd place Snow Chaser cup #2
3rd place Snow Chaser cup #5
2nd place Dawn of the duelyst S1 W1
2nd place Snow chaser cup #7
1st place eyos clash week 3
1st place Dawn of the Duelyst s1 week 5
3rd place eyos clash week 5
1st place Dawn of the Duelist Season 1 Finale
3rd place Trial of the Seventh Sanctum
2nd place Eyos Clash S1 Week 10
1st place Eyos Clash S2W1
1st place Dawn of the Duelyst S2W5
1st place Songhai Only Faction Wars Tournament
1st place Eyos Clash S2W5
1st place Eyos Clash S2W6
3rd place Dawn of the Duelyst S2W7
1st place Eyos Clash S2W7
1st place Dawn of the Duelyst Season 2 Finale
1st place Eyos Clash S2W8
2nd place Faction Wars Finale
2nd place Eyos Clash S2W10
3rd place Duelyst Pro League Season 2 Finale
3rd Place October DWC Qualifier


Sibon, also a skilled Ladder and Tournament player. Sibon is best known for his Vaath play, he has a total of SEVENTEEN ribbons on Magmar! Sibon was in the DWC Qualifier finals against Grandmaster Zayne, narrowly missing out on his spot with a 2-3 score. We will undoubtedly see Sibon place highly in many more tournaments to come. Sibon wrote an article on the history of Magmar you can read here.