The most Oppressive Deck in the Duelyst -DPL Qualifier Winning Deck

Hey Duelysts, I just recently won the DPL Qualifiers! They recently just updated the rules for it starting this Qualifier, so that instead of stopping at the top 16 like normal it now carries on as a regular tournament with prizes. I haven’t been doing too hot recently in the tournament scene ever since my amazing run a few months ago when I got my 8 tournament ribbons in one month. However, I finally got a win again finally, with my beloved Mech! I used Mech Starhorn a large majority of my games and I think it’s one of the craziest and silly decks i’ve ever played. It not only just kills your opponent from unreasonable health, but has no counters either other than aggro Starhorn. Heal decks lose to Mechaz0r, and decks like Faie who can deal with mech lose to the burn.

For those of you who wanted to watch the vods of my Clown Fiesta turn 2-3 games as well as some of the others Kolos went over most of them here. Without further ado here’s the decks I used and why.

The Most Oppressive Deck, Mech Starhorn

I used this deck in about 90% of my games today and every game was very steamrolly. Originally Tundranocaps gave me the idea to try this deck, and I changed a lot of things from his variant to my own into what it is now. The deck has some of the craziest openers, and most auto win mech hands I’ve ever played with due to Flash Reincarnation. On top of the crazy openers it has an immense amount of burn to kill your opponent if they even take the smallest amount of damage early. A large majority of my turn ones and two’s went similiarly to an opener such as: Wings+helm going 1st followed by flash sword + Tectonic Spikes into turn 3 mech. If it wasn’t that it was something such as helm+flash wings+helm or kujata+wings+cannon going second. The crazy openers on top of Mechs oppressiveness lead me to win my games very convincingly every game.

I also feel like this deck has absolutely no counter other than Aggro Starhorn, which you can counter somewhat yourself by replacing mechs and trying to race. Usually that race comes down to who plays decimus first, but it’s at least something. Even Crossbones isn’t that big of a deal because you have so much burn you can usually kill them fast enough after Mech is out. The deck plays very aggressively and looks to make your opponent feel as much pressure as possible on the mech turn.

Fortitude is there to make your weak mech minions stronger, and more face damage. Kujata helps get crazy openers or help speed mech up with its snowball potential. Overall just an amazing deck and imo one of the most oppressive/best decks by far. Flameblood instead of Primus Fist was a big consideration, but I treat Primus Fist in a mech deck as the safer option to let me get to mech more easily. Flameblood is very good for after mech or the burn style, but if you can’t get to mech because you’re too low what’s the point?

Tempo Lyonar

If I felt under pressure from Aggro Starhorn or Mech Faie I used this deck. It basically has an auto-win match-up against Mech Faie due to how much pressure it puts on preventing your opponent playing mech. As well as Vanar just have very big troubles with Regalia. If Mech does come out I have sun bloom too. As for Aggro Starhorn, with all the provokes it makes the match up fairly easy. I used this deck about 5 times the whole tournament, not very often but enough to throw a mind game in since I love mind games.

Sunstone Bracers are one of my personal favorite cards in fast metas or tempo Metas. During the old Kara meta I ran 3 due to how many 2/3s Kara ran as a 0 mana removal basically. It also combos with Arclyte Regalia to kill Kara’s old buffed ⅗ Spelljammers or ⅗ L’kians, or just 5 damage every turn. Nowadays though, it is mostly used in combination with Regalia to kill Silverguards or Sojourners. It currently is mostly to help deal with Lyonars amazing 2 drop minions, or try to outrace Aggro Starhorn/Mech decks. A very strong deck and did its job of helping against my Aggro and Mech Counters.

Mech Faie

Lastly, My Mech Faie. I used this deck one time the entire tournament in the grand finals set 2. I used it as a counter to Aggro Starhorn as well. I wanted a mech deck still, incase he went to Lyonar as I felt my Lyonar lost to Ironcliffe Lyonar. I also wanted it to beat his Starhorn too which my Starhorn mech has an unfavored match up in. So this was better than both lyonar and Starhorn for dealing with the mindgames of both decks. With Shroud it helped win against his Aggro Starhorn.

This is the 2nd best Mech deck next to Starhorn, but “best” in its own way as well. Unlike Starhorn where your alternate Win Condition is just killing them, this deck focuses super hard on making your Mech as safe as possible. Dispel Mechaz0r? Hearth-sistered back in. It also has some really oppressive openers with gravity well+chaser which force dispel to make your Mech later on safer to live.

A big argument I’ve had with people a lot discussing Mech Faie is L’kian and Sojourner/Corona. I think most every card in the deck should be Mech focussed, and Sojourner draws you more Mechs. The late game Potential of L’kian in Mech faie is usually non existant since by the time you run out of hands the game is normally Decided. Usually you want to dig for more Mechs or Hearth-Sister if you need draw. I really just don’t think L’kian has any place in Mech due to this. So with that in mind that’s why I went for Sojourner, for more consistency in Mech. Corona is also a really good draw consideration over Sojourner to stall.

A strong mech deck that I brought to beat other Mech decks or as a mix-up for the particular nique case provided above.
If you have any questions feel free to ask, hope you enjoyed!



    • Most of the time it’s used for tempo to get rid of stuff like dioltas or annoying threats. Though when you need more Mechs i like to use it on wings or helm that i’ve protected in a corner to get to mech faster.

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