The Scientist Opener

Hey people, today I wanted to go over an opener discovered a long time ago at the start of the $5,000 prize Contest of Grandmaster Tournament.  This was discovered by The Scientist, an old time player who was an outstanding player in his time before he quit.  He was the only person ever to use this opener in a competitive setting, and he not only used it, he spammed it over and over during this tournament.  All of us during the time he invented it, and some top players even today think it’s weird and a bad opener. This is until they open their eyes and understand it more since it was/is kind of unconventional.  I do this opener a lot even today, ever since April when Sci was practicing all the time with me during that Tournament.  

So I’ll go over what this opener is and why it’s so impactful and important in honor of his Success with it since a lot of people currently ask me why I do it so often.

To put it simply, this is the opener.  How is this any different than just putting it in the normal diagonal spot though?  Well back when he was doing it, and even today against more defensive decks the Diagonal/Turtle Opener are very common going second.  The turtle opener is when player 2 goes diagonal left/up and plays his minion left/up to threaten the top tile when they don’t want to double 2 drop.  Even more than just defensive decks though, a deck such as Lyonar with a much better 2 drop than their opponent can force their opponent to do a less than optimal opener.  

Either they double 2 drop and lose the trades because your 2 drops are better, or they turtle opener freeing the tile for you to take and get a more aggressive position.  The main point of it however isn’t the first acceleration, but the “Science” going into the next turns after.  If you have a Bloodtear to further make use of the acceleration turn two great, but let me show you what a position this puts your opponent in the next turn.  

This is one of the most advantageous positions you can ever be in by turn two, and there basically is no way for you to lose at this point, especially in the mirror.  You have complete control of both tiles at this point, and no matter what your opponent does you will have a lead for the rest of the game, both on board and Mana.  This also, different than the diagonal opener, denies the middle tile from your opponent without having to waste another tile to do so.  This all stems from the middle opener and why it can be one of the most oppressive opener when used correctly with the right hands/knowledge of your opponent’s deck.  

Now that we’ve gone over the Science of the opener, lets go back to the original picture and talk about when this opener is more optimal than the diagonal.

I left the hand in here for a good reason, as you can see it’s all 3 drops.  Since my hand is like this, there is no benefit of positioning diagonally.  If he double 2 drops I have the same options I would have as diagonal, while being in a more aggressive/better position if he doesn’t double 2 drop.  This opener has a lot to due with your hand and your deck, my deck runs nothing over 4, and my only 4 drops are L’kian and Regalia.  So with that knowledge in mind I know I won’t be able to top deck/replace into a 4 drop I’d want to play as well.  This makes the opener no risk of losing value for missing out on the Diagonal.  

This all depends on your deck and opener, as well as your opponents deck, so keep all of this in mind.  If you have a 4 drop heavy deck and want to summon Dioltas, go for the diagonal.
Also if you want to add some extra mind games in, if you open Azurite Lion, even if you want to ramp to 4 you can middle opener since it can reach the sides anyway.  If they don’t take middle tile then you can take it for an even better turn two!

I hope you all enjoyed and learned something, feel free to leave a comment if you have Questions.  I felt this opener was so revolutionary and helped my play ever since back in April when he discovered it that I had to go over it for all of you too.


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