The Ultimate Guide to Wisp Control Faie

Last month I talked to Sticks who showed me his Wisp Faie decks. He had 2 versions, Grove Lion/Grincher and Control. I really enjoyed playing these decks and this month I decided to try to tune the Control Version and use it to get S-Rank.

I found that the deck had a ton of tools to fight the current metagame and could be tuned to beat whatever I was facing. I was able to get S-Rank in 91 games.


General Strategy

The overall strategy of the deck is to use its namesake, Crystal Wisp, to accelerate into high cost minions that also help us to control the board. To reach the midgame it uses the suite of Vanar removal which provides versatile and mana-efficient answers to almost any threat.


Card Choices

The Early Drops

Crystal Cloacker – A nice 2 Drop that can turn into a decent damage threat or help clear the board

Healing Mystic – Helps to keep health topped off against more aggressive decks.

Cyrstal Wisp – The deck’s engine. This allows us to play above curve and accelerate towards the late stages of the game where the deck thrives.

Chaos Elemental – Big body that helps control the board. The RNG is difficult for your opponent to play around as well and we only need to buy time with our low drops.

Dioltas – Good to keep the board clear and then buy time with the Tomb Stone.

The Removal

Aspect of the Fox – Versatile removal that can answer almost anything, great against Lyonar. Combos well with Dancing Blades

Chromatic Cold – One of the best early game removal spells that gives us game against Songhai. We end up using this to push for face damage often.

Hailstone Prison – This is pure tempo and is great if you have to mana to make a minion drop in the same turn. This is great vs one minion per turn decks

Frostburn – Our only answer to flood, you can set up for this and clear the entire board. It also combos well with aspect to make sure you really catch everything.

The Bodies

Dancing Blades – This is pretty much the prototypical minion for this deck and I think 3 is actually the correct number. This is the card that enables your swing turns and combos with much of the deck to keep the board clear.

Frostiva – A huge value play against decks without spell based removal. Can be game winning if landed on an empty board.

Draugar Lord – Huge body that isn’t too bad if dispelled. Can be impossible to removal for some decks with damage based removal with its 16 total HP.

Ancient Grove – Huge provoke minion that can also finish the game very quickly and makes clearing you other minions less rewarding

Dark Nemesis – A very fast clock that is even better in a deck with Hearth-Sister to enable it to get into combat more often

Pandora – Value engine that gets immediate value and is still a nice body if it eats a dispel.

The Utility/Flex

Hollow Grovekeeper – I think I went overboard with the anti-Lyonar tech but this wins games on the spot and can be used in other matchups as well as providing a decent out to Mech.  See here vs NoWayItsJ

Bonereaper – Amazing against aggro with 9 HP and AoE damage. 2 Attack makes it a bit limited and I didn’t see as much aggro as I anticipated but it can still be comboed with other damage to kill off bigger minions.

Nightwatcher – I kept feeling like I was losing to Magmar if they chained rush minions so I decided to try one of these. I never hit another Magmar but these are also great vs Tigers and Spectral Revenants.

Heath-Sister  – Amazing card that enables so many tricks. Combos with BBS, Dancing Blades, Bonereaper, Chaos Elemental and any big minion that needs to get into the fight. Read more about it here.

L’kian – This was my draw of choice because I didn’t want to give up cards with Spelljammer but I am not sure this was correct. The body is a bit small and it doesn’t do as much to control the board as we would like.

Aspect of the Mountains – Another AoE card that also serves as a surprising damage burst to finish off games with the 5/5 body.

Cards I Tried

Twilight Sorcerer – With all the great spells in the deck I thought that getting one back would be great value. It often was but the body is very weak and a bit slow in many cases.

Dust Wailer – I loved this in some spots because no one places around it. Got cut because I needed more impactful bodies because of limited card draw.

Spelljammer – These were in Sticks’ version and may be better than the Sisters. The body is pretty relevant now with the change to 3/5 and the extra cards for the opponent only matter if you are unable to make strong tempo plays.

Zen’Rui – A strong tech card in spots but I am not sure this is the correct meta for it.


Match Ups

(I didn’t track my stats at all times but these should be the numbers form ranks 4-S)

Magmar (8-3)

This can be tough if they chain Makantors and other rush minions. Our removal isn’t as strong if the minions are able to get value before we can touch them. If you have trouble sub in more Night Watchers

Songhai (6-3)

We have some great answers to there threats but if we aren’t able to gain control we can get comboed out or killed by unending Heart Seekers. Try to keep your HP high until you have control and are able to get up lethal in a turn or 2 and then turn on the aggression

Lyonar (5-1)

This deck has so many tools vs. slower Lyonar decks that you shouldn’t have much trouble. Vs faster decks use your removal aggressively and try to get a swing with a Dancing Blades or Bonereaper around the 6 or 7 mana turn. As always watch out for Holy Immolation and Divine Bond.

Vetruvian (1-2)

I didn’t see much Vet on ladder but it was my worst matchup over the small sample. The removal lines up well here but you can get over run if they get a fast start because Frostburn doesn’t clear their structures.

Abyssian (4-1)

This feels tough because they have a great late game and Shadow Sister can really drag the game out. You need to play aggressively here so that you don’t lose to chained Revenants or a huge Obliterate. Your removal is great vs their Juggernauts but you may need to burn a spell on a Shadow Sister even if it doesn’t kill it.